When Is It Time To Find A Criminal Lawyer?

hands being handcuffed

If the police contact you about your potential involvement in a crime, it’s time to contact a local criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers. The police do not have to have formally confirmed you are a suspect to begin gathering evidence against you. Even if you think you are doing the right thing by cooperating with the police, the likelihood is that it could come back to bite you later. Before you speak to or engage with the police in any way, make sure you get proper legal advice from a criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers. They can help you to avoid accidentally saying or doing the wrong thing and ending up in a lengthy or drawn out legal process.

The consequences for being convicted of a crime can be serious. At the minimum they might carry hefty fines, and on the other end of the spectrum they might involve lengthy substantial jail time. Find a good criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers to help guide you through the process and help to find false accusations or unfair punitive measurements.


You suspect you might be the subject of an investigation

Even if the police haven’t yet contacted you, it’s never too early to contact your criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers. If you suspect you might be the subject of a police investigation then reach out for legal advice as soon as possible, this will help to prepare you in the event that you are contacted by the police. You don’t have to be in custody for police to contact evidence against you, and they don’t have to have read you you’re rights for you to contact a lawyer. If you can see it coming then get prepared a s possible. Police are well trained in investigative measures and interrogation, if they suspect you of a crime they may ask you leading questions or push you in a direction that could implicate you in unlawful dealings.


You need to make a bail application

If you’ve been arrested and you need to make bail, then you’re best hope of getting your application approved quickly is by using the services of a skilled criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers. Experienced professionals understand the bail application process and will be able to get your case seen to more quickly.

A criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers will be able to advise you when the best time to apply for bail is, and help with liaising with police or court officials should you bail be opposed. They can also negotiate to achieve better conditions for your bail, and help to make your application successful sooner.


 You’re going to trial

If you’re case is proceeding to trial and you’ve either represented yourself or used free representation up until that point, it might be time to seek out some specialist legal advice. Your criminal lawyer from Papa Hughes Lawyers will be well versed in all areas of the criminal law and better prepared to help guide you through the process.

The consequences of being convicted of a crime can be dire for your future, whether it’s a hefty fine, jail time or the implications for your reputation, being convicted of a legal offense can have far reaching effects. Many people that are convicted will struggle with finding work later on, and the costs and time involved in fighting allegations can cause problems with current employers and family.

People accused and convicted of serious crimes can lose everything, so make sure you seek out advice early especially if the allegations against you are serious.