What Makes a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour So Enticing

helicopter ride view

There is something truly special about experiencing a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, but how does that translate to the uninitiated?

Anyone can read the key facts from paper – it stands as one of the seven official wonders of the world.

Amassing billions of years of natural history engrained in its stature and being dated back approximately 70 million years or so, it spans 446km or 277 miles in length.

The facts and figures are one thing, but the beauty of the landscape can only be truly appreciated when soaking it in from up high and up close.

Here we will look at why so many travelers opt in for these placements from all around the world.


Boutique Destination

To say that you have visited one of the seven wonders of the world is nothing to scoff at, as there is simply nothing quite like experiencing a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. As a boutique destination this is an area that is picture perfect for those experiencing the getaway of a lifetime. Taking the smartphone or digital camera and snapping away has never been so rewarding, offering the chance to produce home and office portraits or Instagram images that will be cherished forever.


Multiple Pickup and Drop Off Points


The great news about a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is that it is not a one-size-fits-all service. There is a variety of packages available to tourists and multiple pickup and drop off points for guests who want to maximize their stay in the United States of America. From Las Vegas in Nevada to Colorado and Arizona State, there is flexibility for those that want to experience this splendour without having to shift their entire itinerary.


Various Sightseeing Opportunities and Nearby Activities

The Grand Canyon helicopter tour might appear to be nothing more than a sightseeing trip for this single location, but that preconception could not be further from the mark. Not only is it a hotspot for overseas and domestic tourists who operate at a slower pace including young families and retirees, but it is also ideal for enthusiastic adrenaline junkies who want to amp up their journey to the USA. Hiking and rafting are common, as there are tours across the South Rim, West Rim Trail and Bright Angel Trail.


Single Day Adventure

Those travelers who have ventured from other regions in America including the East Coast or Deep South, to overseas adventure seekers across Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe, this activity can be packed into a single day. The Grand Canyon helicopter tour can accumulate anywhere between 2-8 hours in travel depending on your pickup and drop off point, allowing those visitors in Arizona, Colorado or Nevada to fit as much into their holiday as physically possible. This is a corner of the globe where no opportunity should be missed, so a quick sojourn to this iconic destination can be fitted into almost any itinerary.


The Best Way To Travel

Once you have experienced the Grand Canyon helicopter tour, traveling anywhere by car, bus, train or plane will feel like a genuine downgrade. This is a means of transportation where customers receive a complete view of the beauty and natural surrounds of the Arizona and Nevada Desert, moving at a distance where iconic landmarks can be easily identified without peering through a passenger seat window in economy class. Yet such is the distance that has to be covered, those moving closer to ground by car will have to endure a long ride where the experience is diminished, ensuring that the chopper is the only way to go.



If you have heard anecdotes, read stories, seen pictures or video about these magnificent opportunities, then that is only part of the equation with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. To enjoy what these adventures have to offer, you have to sign up and