What Is Smart Glass Projection?

Beautiful interior of a modern house with windows that use smart glass projection

Smart glass projection is a technology that allows video or images to be projected onto transparent or frosted film on glass surfaces. The technology basically converts a transparent screen into a high definition surface with just the press of a button. The smart glass projection can be turned off or on, transforming the surface into ordinary looking glass or an HD screen. It uses an electrical principle that transform clear surfaces into frosted which allows for high contrast smart glass projection, or transparent holographic visual displays.

New smart glass projection technology can be retro-fit onto existing glass with a self-adhesive film. The technology is becoming very popular on contemporary building because of it’s minimalistic look. They are extremely impactful when turned on and integrate extremely well with existing architecture for a modern look. Smart glass projection gives building a hi-tech look. 

What are the applications for the technology?

Smart glass projection has a huge number of applications. It is in regular use on buildings for a streamlined look to project advertising, offers or information about the commercial businesses inside the building but also has a variety of other uses. It’s possible to add touch interactivity to smart glass projection or to install it on mirrors, so it’s beginning to be used in retail settings or as mirror. It’s even appearing in homes, integrated into a intelligent technology systems.

In addition to retail applications smart glass projection is starting to also be used in hospital environments as it is useful in modern applications such as displaying information to patients or projecting information to doctors during surgeries or other procedures.

The technology is also becoming popular in museums and is great for contemporary artwork and modern environments. It makes and excellent visitor attraction and can be used internally in the building or it can be used to change the visual look on the exterior of a business.

The technology is also becoming very popular for point of sale applications and there are many creative ways of using it.

Another use for the technology is to use it in theatres as a replacement for older technologies. It makes it possible to project in HD and 4K which greatly improves the quality of the film, which is ideal for new filming techniques and dramatically improves the experience. It is also very useful for outdoor theatre spaces or public areas for sharing video.

Another commercial application for the product is in business environments were it’s often being used in meeting and conference rooms. The streamlined transparent screen are perfect for displaying meeting information and presentations. It’s also popular for collaborative office environments.

Additionally, the technology is often used for big events. Large visual projection can be displayed at events like concerts or festivals.

What size does it come in?

windows that use smart glass projection

The technology can be customised to almost any size, from multi-storey buildings to much smaller applications like single windows, mirrors or office spaces.

Multiple pieces of smart projection glass can be turned into a single wall, integrated into one giant screen. The main screen sizes available include 55 inch, 65 inch, 80 inch, 92 inch or 120 inch which can be joined together to create a larger single screen.

This technology is perfect for a variety of different industries and applications and is becoming more and more affordable. It gives architecture a contemporary look and is perfect for grabbing the attention of customers, patrons or workers. There are now many providers who can professionally install the technology so it’s well worth enquiring about to get a quote, as it’s more affordable that you might think.