Tips To Improve Rubbish Removal


Imagine a world where your city introduced a new sanitation commissioner and this was an elected official that would take over the running of the sanitation of your city, they would be in control of rubbish removal. They would create a campaign much like any other elected office does in politics, you’d see their face all over the city on billboards and posters making false promise after false promise much like any other politician elect. It would all seem very strange, all for the sake of controlling the rubbish removal.

Live debates would be held on television, you would see them out canvassing the streets and for a few weeks the city would be wrapped up in a debate over who’s sanitation policies made the most sense, who could deliver the best results and mostly who was more likable. Smear campaigns would be held to prevent the opposition from having the last say when it comes to rubbish removal, names would be tarnished, and years old rumours would be brought up in the hope of swaying the electorate. It would be a bizarre time in the city’s history. A time that would never be forgotten.

But what if actual changes could be made, as in the Simpson’s episode mirrored above, radical changes could be made. Not on the level of what Homer brought to Springfield but maybe changes that could help the environment, ones that could protect the planet that little bit more. Homer’s changes famously brought the town to ruin, so much so that trash was popping up out of nowhere from underground and had to be moved a few miles down the road. Obviously no reforms to rubbish removal could or would be this catastrophic but some meaningful changes could help things for the better.

Whoever is in charge of rubbish removal should introduce a bin per corner all around the city. Too many times I have walked through the city and its suburbs holding a plastic wrapper in my hand with nowhere to put. Fortunately, I am one of those who care about the planet and proper waste disposal but for many others, this would not be such a problem. They would happily and have happily discarded of their litter on the streets with not a care in the world about who or what was affected. Introducing more bins is a simple yet effective change.

At the city’s beaches, there are similar problems where after a particularly crowded day, people need to stack their little up against a bin. At the end of the day, there is a full bin as well as a small mountain of trash pushed against, not the prettiest sight for anyone to look at after a hard day sunbathing. This a simple suggestion but could improve the process of rubbish removal.

garbage bins

The city could also benefit if rubbish removal took place that little bit earlier in the morning. There are too many traffic jams created from the trucks moving at a snail’s pace through the narrow streets of the city. Collections should be brought forward a few hours which would improve congestion on the city’s roads. There may be those that say this is unnecessary but for the sake of rubbish removal I think it is something that can and should be done.

Litter is something that plagues most cities around the world so it is important that this one doesn’t fall into the trap of dirtier capital cities. Following the above steps may go some way to avoid befalling the same fate as Springfield did.