Tips On How To Learn Australian Football

football field during a game

There are a number of rules that govern the way in which Australian football is played. These rules are meant to govern various decisions that are made within the playing field. An umpire is given the responsibility of making sure that each team and each player is observing these rules. When all the rules have been observed by both the players and teams, playing becomes fair to everyone. This game is just like rugby game. It involves a player trying to get a ball from the opponent’s hands. The moment the player takes the ball successfully, the team is said to be in possession of the game.

It therefore skillfully passes the ball within the players until that time when they get closer to the opponent’s goal posts. While on this position, the players will strive to make sure that they throw the ball directly to the goal without being touched by an opponent. If this takes place successfully, then the goal is said to have been scored. The scoring team is then awarded with six points instantly.  This needs to take place without the ball getting out of the playing field whose measurements are all marked clearly and guarded by the officials of the game. Here are some of the facts that you need to understand as far as the Australian football is concerned;

  • Awarding of points
  • The field

Awarding of points

In Australian football, there are a number of AFL that are playing in a competitive league. This means that for a team to be declared the winner at the end of the season, then that team must have played well throughout the season and make sure that they have gathered as many points as possible. For this reason, each team will work hard to attract the best players who will be able to earn the team as many points as possible. The tally of the points is always done after every game so as to rank the teams according to their performance. The team that will emerge the winner will be the one with the highest level of points. This will mean that this team shall be declared the winner of the season. It is important to note that a goal scored earns a team six points.

The field

The field of the Australian football has not yet been standardized. This means that if you visit a number of such fields, you will be able to note that the dimensions may not be the same. However, the goal posts are standardized in that the goal posts stand six point four meters apart. This is the space within which the ball will have to cross for a goal to be counted. Besides this, there are other important boundaries out of which the ball is not supposed to go past. If the ball goes out of the perimeter boundaries around the field, then the game is stopped so that the team responsible for that offence is punished by awarding the ball to the opponent.