Tips For Using An Adjustable Dumbbells And Barbell Set

An adjustable dumbbells and barbell set is a great addition to your weight training routine and can be really helpful for getting in a full-body workout. There are a lot of different workouts that you can do with an adjustable dumbbells and barbell set and the amount of weight can easily be adjusted up or down in order to change the level of difficulty of your workout. These items can be very effective as they will not only work on your core muscles but also work out many of your peripheral stabilising muscles.

The great thing about an adjustable dumbbells and barbell set is that you can adjust the weight as you move through your workout.

Tips for getting a great workout

If you’re planning on toning up your muscles, rather than trying to increase your endurance or build up the size of your muscles than we suggest that you select a weight that will allow you to comfortably perform around 12 to around 20 reps before you start to feel fatigued. If your goal is mainly strength training and increasing your muscle size, then you should go for heavier weights on your adjustable dumbbells and barbell set and aim to do around 8 reps. If you feel your reps are becoming less challenging you should increase the weight.

Remember your form

A man and a woman while using adjustable dumbbells and barbell set

It’s important when working out that you make sure you concentrate on your form rather than just the number of reps that you do. Proper technique will help to protect you and ensure that you don’t end up injured. It will also help you to see better results as you’ll be properly working out your stabilising muscles. Remember that slower movements are better for helping you build up your muscle mass and you must be careful that you don’t overcompensate in certain areas of your body.

You should try to observe your form and the position of your body when you work out with your adjustable dumbbells and barbells set, if possible. Standing in front of a mirror or camera and what how your body moves through each rep can help you to correct your position and avoid injury. Check out online videos or speak to the trainers at your gym to work out what constitutes proper form.

Exercises to try with an adjustable dumbbells and barbell set

There are a lot of great exercises that you can try out with this equipment. The bicep curl is a very common exercise that will help you to work out your arms, back, chest and shoulders. To perform one simply relax your arms at your side and then raise a dumbbell to shoulder height. Make sure you don’t jerk your arm around and try to maintain a fluid motion.

Work on your tricep area

Tricep extensions are also a very common exercise. All you need to do is hold a dumbbell up above your head and then bend your arm around your elbow before lowering one of your hands down behind the rear of your shoulder.

Make your shoulders stronger

This equipment can also be used for a variety of shoulder exercises, like the shoulder press. Simply hold a weight at shoulder level and then, pushing your arms upwards, raise it up above your head.

Work out your chest

An adjustable dumbbells and barbell set is perfect for performing a bench press. Just lay down and lift your chosen weight up in front of your shoulders towards the ceiling.

There are many other types of exercises and activities you might try!