Tips for Small Construction Teams Using New Scaffolding Designs


The value that is introduced to small construction teams with a quality scaffolding set is substantial.

This is a mechanism that allows individual operators to execute their task quickly, efficiently and safely, all components that dictate the quality of their work from project to project.

However, like any major investment, there has to be some serious consideration about which application to buy or rent and assess what has worked in the past and what needs genuine improvement to help the operation.

In order to make a sound decision that works for all professionals at the local level, it is worthwhile taking note of these tips first.

Determining Supplier Performance Record

When small construction teams are in the market for quality scaffolding designs, they have to have confidence in the brand and the record of the supplier. Some professionals will like to defer to the opinion of their industry peers and see what designs work for their development projects. Others will be more analytical about the exercise, assessing the ratings and reviews from consumers online. Instead of shopping blind and hoping for a quick solution, take stock of this information.

Ensuring Team Members Are Licensed

Despite all of the safety checks that can be made and the financial investment that is placed on scaffolding infrastructure, the threat of human error will always be a risk. That is why member licensing is mandatory, giving operators a chance to source materials that are certified through official channels and assessed on their merit. Those scaffold units that are on show for DIY homeowners won’t have the same level of guarantees for long-term value.

Travel & Installation Suitability

For many small construction teams, the issue with a scaffolding brand is not about performance during the work itself, but how it manages to be maneuvered, erected and taken down in between projects. Lightweight applications are ideal in this circumstance, but that can create issues for weight loading. Take note of the durable materials that offer strength and versatility, providing the perfect match for the job requirements.

Weight Loading Parameters

The amount of weight that a scaffolding unit can hold will be a make or break consideration for small construction teams. Even those who only have three to four participants involved want to know that the material will hold their weight and stay steady regardless of the pressure placed on the planks. Identify brands that offer transparent guides in this respect.

Extra Safety Precautions

It never hurts for small construction teams to use these designs when they are geared with all of the safety precautions that are made available to the bigger teams and better-resourced operations. This will feature harness connections, safety bars, protection plates and sturdy planks that won’t wobble or shift under pressure.

Financial Viability

There will only be so much money that small construction teams have at their disposal when it comes to the type of scaffolding they can acquire. That is why clients must approach this project with a firm budget in mind, determining if an outright purchase or rental agreement will give them the best value for their short-term and long-term project scheduling.

Testing The Material First

It is necessary for small construction teams to run a check of the material first, ensuring that they are not installing these items on the worksite for the first time without clarification. Once there is confidence with this exercise and the official checks have been made, then it is possible to adapt these structures to a workplace setting.

Fortunately small construction teams experience less red tape and more democratic commercial structures. Rather than having to assess scaffolding designs from upper management, entrepreneurs and local specialists can identify an outlet that matches this criteria and return to a supplier who enjoys a quality track record. This is where upgrades can be soured and repairs and maintenance services leveraged.