The Latest Real Estate Trends

With a lot of bumps in the road, taking the real estate market from irrelevant, to the number one investment on the market, there’s a lot more potential to it than people might think.

What’s more is, while being completely underrated, 99% of people are missing out on the phenomena, that promise some amazing future profits.

Real estate has evolved to such a scale, that it is also not only just about buying or selling a house anymore. Since technology has had such a big effect on every industry, it’s sure to say that it has had a massive impact on the real estate industry too.

The results in trends speak for themselves. Just what exactly is popular in the market this year? Well to start with, a whole new level of competitiveness and while you’re contemplating about the possibility of a buying a property, which might be the best investment you’ll ever make, the one thing that can help assure you, is the fact that real estate is set in stone.

This mean, it’s not like a cryptocurrency, a mineral or any financial investment that will disappear or even lose its value.

The Top Real Estate Trends in 2018


Now, what does Blockchain have to do with real estate, you might ask?

The blockchain is a platform that individuals and investors, from all over the globe, use to submit their applications to buy or sell a house or any property you could think of. This integrated technology is changing the way investors interact with one another, as well as the properties they receive interest on.

The blockchain is great for transparency and liquidity and is rapidly benefiting and changing the real estate industry. It can only evolve even more on this incredible platform.


Property Prices are on the Constant Rise

A few percents in real estate makes a big difference, especially when it gets added up over time. The real estate market is currently continuing to increase its rates, and entering August, it hasn’t slowed down since the dawn of the new year.

It has also had a rapid increase from 12% to 15% between the years 2012 and 2015. Since prices for housing increases annually, buying a property, or a few, now and selling it in 10 years, will be the best decision you ever make in 2018.

Advancements in Technology

Technological advancements in real estate have allowed for a shift in how we look at the real estate industry today. Many companies, such as Redfin, Homesnap and Zillow, has changed the way sellers and buyers look at the market, which has forced agents to adapt to something different, just like every other industry had to adapt to technological influences.