Should I Use Commercial Solar Power To Run My Business?

Running a business from a large building can be quite an expensive endeavor, especially when it comes to the upkeep costs, maintenance and bills for the building. Saving on these bills is important for many companies, and many have implemented power-saving policies to counter the bills that they receive on the amount of electrical power that they use. However, with commercial solar power you can completely get rid of your electric bill and it even has the potential to earn you money if implemented correctly and your power that you generate isn’t used by your business.

Initial costs

The initial costs for switching from grid power to commercial solar power can be quite costly, and are something that you will need to consider before implementing commercial solar power in your building. Knowing how much sunlight the roof of your building receives and if you will be able to generate enough power to run your building isn’t something that you can figure out off the bat. Talking with a consultant that can build the commercial solar solution for your business can help you figure out if commercial solar is even possible for your business.

Maintenance costs

Two workers installing commercial solar panels

The maintenance costs, if a problem does arise with your commercial solar panels, will be higher than if something goes wrong on the grid. You are creating your own energy for your business to use, and that comes with the downside that you are responsible for things if they go wrong. However, there aren’t that many moving parts with solar power and it is quite easy to maintain and keep up with, and problems shouldn’t come up often if the system is implemented correctly.


Switching to commercial solar energy will give your company massive savings in the long run, as it can effectively eliminate your whole electric bill. After the initial costs, you don’t have to pay anyone for power and you are completely on your own. It is becoming quite common for homes to run on solar energy, and they earn money just from a couple of solar panels on their roofs. A business requires more power than a home, and the power demand is quite high, however, with a greater surface area on the roof, as well as having a flat roof if you have a tall building, you can generate a lot more power than a typical home can.

Earning opportunity

Not only will swapping to commercial solar power decrease your energy costs significantly, there is also some earning potential that you can utilize for your business. Your building will need to be connected to the grid so that in the event of an energy shortage (such as a cloudy day) your business can still have the power that it needs. However, you can sell the excess power that your panels generate back to the grid and they will pay you for your excess power, as that decreases the amount of power that the electric company needs to generate.

Good for business

“Going green” has been a trend among businesses for many years, and it can attract customers. Using a clean and renewable source of energy is something that people like to see and your company will become more attractive than your competitors that are still using grid power to run their business.

Despite the relatively high initial cost of converting your business to commercial solar power, you should see savings relatively quickly, likely within five years. While five years might seem like a long time, in terms of the lifetime of a company, it is a relatively short amount of time and you should do everything you can to attract customers and save money in the long run.