Scenarios That Are Perfect For Balloon Decorations

balloon decoration

If you can’t get enough of balloon decorations you may be looking for any excuse to throw an event just so you can flaunt your decorating skills. If you are facing a lack of birthday parties but really need your fix of balloon decorations you may have asked yourself where else would these décor items be acceptable.

Well do we have good news for you! We have come up with a short but sweet list that has all the perfect scenarios where you can use your favorite balloon decoration!


balloonsBirthday parties

One of the more traditional events for balloon decorations are birthday parties. These events are perfect for all types of décor where you can even set up a theme or colour scheme to go along with the party. This also opens up a lot of new doors for your décor items.

Themes are perfect if you want to bring in certain items or elements to the party. A great example is that you can have an under the sea theme with lots of blue colours and aquatic themed items placed throughout the venue. Another great idea is the jungle theme with lots of green colours and jungle animal items placed throughout the scene as well.


New Year

New Year parties are also another great opportunity to get your balloon decorations. Nothing welcomes in the New Year more than throwing up a bunch of helium inflated party favours around the room. Not only are they a great décor choice, they are also a great metaphor to let everyone know not to be tied down in the year to come and let their stresses and worries fly away at the count of midnight.

Helium variants are also fun for kids of all ages! The smaller ones love the bright colours and floating objects while the bigger kids love to get their hands on the helium and make their voices sound funny as the night goes on.


Chinese New Year

While it may seem a little derivative to mention two New Year events in the same list, the Chinese new year celebration is also another great chance to use balloon decorations. Chinese culture loves the colour red as it represents luck and good fortune. Use this to your advantage and have your décor matching this colour. Additionally there is always an animal attributed to a Chinese new year so you can even have the items in the shape of the animal or you can simply just print them on it you don’t have the other skill set.

Another great idea for this event is to lantern variants of your balloon decorations. Helium and lanterns both float so you can use your inner creative speak to make your décor look like floating lanterns for your event or function.



A very popular and great scenario that calls for balloon decorations is fundraisers. Fundraisers are all about getting people to donate money to a special cause. But the thing that always lets down these events the most is the lack of awareness. However if you have bright colours in the sky you would be sure to draw a crowd.

These décor items are essentially a giant arrow in the sky saying that there is something going on over here and you should check it out. It may sound primitive but it is a human instinct to be attracted to bright colours as it releases a certain type of endorphin in our brain. You can use that to your advantage when trying to draw a crowd at your next fundraiser!