How to Prepare Your Child For Preschool in Delahey

Kids inside a preschool in Delahey having some snacks

It feels like a big step for young children to prepare for preschool in Delahey. After years of living at home with the parents and being comfortable in that environment, the time will come to begin the education process.

Every participant will adapt to this change differently, but there will be some universal techniques that will help to bridge the gap between home and preschool in this space.

Taking Part With Playgroups

The greatest shock to the system for children who attend preschool Delahey centres for the first time is the social component. It will be a rare occasion where they will be surrounded by kids their own age in groups of 10, 15, 20 or more. That is why participation with playgroups is an important step to take, encouraging boys and girls to interact and to foster their social instincts, learning to play and share in equal measure.

Tapping into a Routine

A routine might sound like a boring approaching to preschool in Delahey, but they are small details that contributes to a better experience for boys and girls. From an appropriate bedtime to washing and putting on clothes in the morning, a full breakfast and having a bag packed, these are activities that parents can already begin to use leading up to the first day.

Overnight Stays Away From Home

Just the ability to leave the home overnight and learn a level of independence away from the home comforts is an important process. Especially for those trips to friends and family, it is important to get familiar with saying goodbye to them even if it is just for a couple of hours. This lays the groundwork for attending preschool in Delahey, ensuring that kids become familiar with this process and don’t feel too attached to the point where they are traumatised.

Playing Games

One of the core points of focus for a preschool in Delahey will be improving the child’s cognitive functions and motor skills. As important as reading and writing are, it will be games that start this process rolling. This makes learning fun and engaging, helping kids to test out a range of components without them being aware that they are taking place.

Encouraging Self-Help Exercises

Two little girls writing

From tying their own shoelaces together to putting on their own clothes, putting their toys away and packing their lunch, it is important for kids to be exposed to self-help exercises. This is not just to impress the teachers at preschool in Delahey, but to foster a level of independence when adults might not be able to cover all bases each and every day.

Visiting The Preschool

For those families in the Delahey area, it is beneficial to actually introduce them to the preschool before the first day. There will be an introductory day for all of the children in this space, allowing them to see where they are going to go and to become familiar with the process of travelling back and forth during the week. It is a small step that parents can take, but it will make the transition to preschool in Delahey that little bit easier to manage.

Being Patient With Them

The final note of preparation involves the parents. In order for the son or daughter to be prepared for this preschool change, it is necessary that the mother, father or guardian is patient with them as they go through this process for the first time. Some children will take to this environment like a duck to water and won’t want to leave at all. Others will be genuinely upset because it is a major change to their circumstances. Whatever the case may be, have patience because they will eventually adapt.