How A Busy Light Could Transform Your Work Ethic

Imagine this: you arrive at work five minutes early, pretty proud of yourself. You sit down at your desk, power on your desktop. You quickly check your Facebook and Instagram on your phone. Suddenly, a work mate pops up out of the blue and you spend some time catching up about the weekend’s events. Before you know it, you finally log in and you’re already 45 minutes behind schedule. Now all your deadlines need to be pushed back, which won’t impress your manager. If this situation rings true with you, consider installing a busy light at your desk to prevent any unnecessary distractions in the work environment. With a busy light at your desk, you’ll quickly see your work output grow and flourish, without you even realizing it. Let’s check out some of the other advantages!



How does a busy light work?

A workplace indicator essentially depicts your current work status. It flashes different colours to represents your state of activity. These states often range from available, unavailable, preoccupied, do not disturb etc.


More output

One of the most obvious advantages of installing a busy light is that it will help improve your productivity and quality of output. Perhaps your manager recently gave you a little tap on the shoulder to say your standards had slipped and needed improving. Well, there’s no need to fret if you place a busy light at your desk. No longer will you be distracted by work colleagues – instead you can use that time to work on other tasks or proofread other work. This will lead to higher workplace standards and better results for the client.


More organized

Are you a disorganised worker, constantly being distracted? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely look into getting a busy light for your work station. Being organised at work will only have positive impacts on your workplace performance and results. The best place to start is to get yourself a work indicator so that your work friends know you mean business.


Get that promotion


Managers want to see well-balanced employees. They want workers that value social time, work hard and gel well with other people in the workplace. A desire to work hard, coupled with ambition and perseverance are key qualities that are desirable from a manager’s perspective. Getting a busy light can help you demonstrate these qualities to your superiors, helping you get that promotion when it eventually opens up. Management often like to recruit internally, as they prefer someone who is already well accustomed to the firm and its operations.


Build competition

Likewise, managers also like a strong corporate culture that reinforces healthy competition between workers. As long as that competition doesn’t go too far, then the business will only flourish. Having said this, if workers begin to see their colleagues as threats, this will greatly undermine team-based tasks and any form of collaboration. Installing a busy light at your desk could help foster healthy competition with your peers. Whether they are impressed or threatened, you’ll see your fellow workers working harder to keep up with your frenetic pace.


Stronger reputation

If you’re working in a sales role or a customer relations role, the needs and wants of the client need to be at the forefront of your mind. You can’t be missing conference calls with customers if you’re out of the office or being distracted by other workers. You need to be by the phone or chatting with them in person – this is the most professional way possible. A great way of achieving this is to have an indicator at your work station. Never again will you be interrupted during an important conference call!