Everything You Need To Know About Print Shops

printing services

Have you ever wanted to get an original design, artwork or logo replicated? This is something that is becoming more common, with businesses opting to buy marketing material and promotional items. However, it can also be exciting to get your own artwork produced. Although the idea is exciting, many people are unsure about how to achieve this; this is where print shops come in. If you are interested in the concept but don’t know much about it, keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about a print shop.


What are print shops?

This is a business that specializes in putting artwork or unique designs onto items. So if you have created some original artwork, or if you have a business logo that you wish to get professionally reproduced, a print shop can help you out. It is possible to get your design replicated on almost anything and there are lots of options available. The growth of the internet has made these businesses much more accessible; it is now easier than ever to get your original design put onto whichever item you desire. These companies are generally most useful to other businesses as it is possible to create marketing and promotional items.


What can items can be made?

There’s a huge range of items that can be printed. The most common items are intended to be business tools, or marketing and promotional items. These items include:

business cards

  • Business cards
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Signs and display items
  • Invitations
  • Portfolios and catalogues
  • Coasters
  • Playing cards
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Envelopes
  • Posters


What techniques are used?

Print shops will often use many different techniques in order to produce the best product. Traditional methods include offset, letterpress and foiling; these processes involve making a plate or dye block. Although these were the original methods, there are drawbacks. For example, it is only possible to replicate the design a certain amount of times, which makes it challenging and time consuming to create hundreds of prints this way. However, modern technology now allows for digital print. The digital methods mean there is no maximum number of items that can be produced; this is much more convenient when it comes to bulk items such as business cards and flyers. Furthermore, digital is more affordable, meaning it much more accessible to the mass market than traditional methods.


Can I still use traditional methods?

Although digital is the preferred method for many, this does not mean traditional methods are redundant or not used. Oftentimes, digital methods will be used to create the product, which will then be finished off using some traditional methods and extra embellishments. It is these little finishing touches that will make your designs stand out from the rest. However, if you are particularly interested in traditional methods, it is possible to discuss this and get the entire process printed using these processes. It is important to remember that print shops want to ensure you are happy with the process and will be happy to advise and use the most appropriate method for your products.


What other services do print shops offer?

Alongside digital print, these companies offer other services. It is possible to get large format, laser cutting, binding, embellishments and finishes and wrapping paper. If you have something you wish to get replicated, give the professionals a call and they will discuss if it is possible with you.


How does the process work?

The process is actually really simple. If you wish to get something produced, all you have to do is email Carbon8 and tell them what you wish to get made. A professional will then be able to discuss how your item can be made, and offer you a quote for the job. You will then be required to provide your artwork or logo which will be placed onto the items you wish to get made.