Choosing the Right Child Care in Baulkham Hills

Young parents and families are some of the busiest people in the country, many often require the services of some form of professional day care, however choosing the right one can be a source of major stress for parents. For those looking for the right child care Baulkham Hills area, we can help you with this search. By considering the following you’ll be well on your way to making the right choice for you and your family.


child's hand while doing color


Listen to other parents

Talk to other parents and families about their own experiences with child care in Baulkham Hills, this can often be the best way to find out about the best centres and services. By talking to other parents you will hear honest reviews of the day care facilities available, allowing you to narrow down your search.


Think about location

When choosing the right child care in Baulkham Hills, think about where it actually is. Is it convenient for you to get to from home or work? Choosing a service that is conveniently located can minimize family stress and allow you to spend more time with your kids and less time commuting.


How qualified and experienced are the staff

When choosing a child care facility in Baulkham Hills, be sure to check the professional experience and qualification of the staff. While many day cares often have certain qualification requirements for staff members their actual experience can often be limited. By choosing a service with experienced and qualified staff you will have the best chance of providing your kids with the greatest learning potential and opportunities.


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Speak to the teachers and carers

While qualifications and certifications of teachers are important it can often be just as beneficial for you as a parent to physically speak to and meet the teachers themselves. This allows you to get a feel for their personality and interpersonal skills, both of which are crucially important factors in an infant’s learning and growth. By getting to know the staff of you’ll be able to make the best judgement about which child care in Baulkham Hills is right for you.


What is the food like?

Food and nutrition are crucially important for young kids and infants. The benefits of nutrition are increasingly being researched, with infant growth and development being linked to dietary and nutritional factors. Day care services that offer healthy and balanced food options are becoming increasingly popular, forcing the competition to follow suit. When choosing the right child care in Baulkham Hills for your family, think about the following:

  • Does it offer healthy and balanced food options?
  • Does it cater for my kid’s dietary requirements i.e. allergies?
  • Will my kids actually enjoy eating the food?


Will this service help my little one grow and learn?

When choosing your child care in Baulkham Hills, think about the kind of activities that they make available to students. Research is increasingly showing that infant development can be improved by cognitive challenges such as puzzles and brain games. When looking into potential services think about whether or not the activities available to kids will have a positive effect on their development.

This also applies to the availability of outdoor education and exposure. Outdoor activities and exercise have a dramatically positive effect on the learning and development of kids. Research is continually proving the benefits of exercise and outdoor activities for young brains.

Playground activities help kids to form social relationships as well as use their energy in a constructive manner. When looking for a child care in Baulkham Hills, consider whether the centre provides kids with the opportunity to play outside and whether they have the resources to do so safely and enjoyably.