Advantage of Sourcing a Level 5 Arborist Report For Businesses

If a local business in Australia wishes to undertake a project that will affect the surrounding environment where trees have to be planted or cutback, then an arborist report has to be sourced.

Yet this in-depth assessment cannot be offered by any old landscaper or gardener hoping to expand their repertoire for a client.

To be working in accordance with local authorities and adhering to legal guidelines with this practice, it is necessary to bring aboard a professional team or individual who has the qualifications to support the project.

Here we will look at the advantages of hiring an arborist who can cater to this requirement for a domestic company.


Using Industry Experience

When a client opens a working relationship with a Level 5 arborist, they are accessing the highest level of certification in the market. They have undertaken the processes through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and proceeded through the steps to be considered an expert on the subject. They will have catered to commercial clients from all backgrounds and depending on their history and reputation, are likely to have managed businesses from similar industries and standings.


arboristCorrect Types of Equipment

From cutters and chainsaws to measuring apparatus’s and climbing brands, engaging with a Level 5 arborist report provider will see a client covered for all of the necessary equipment. This is where on the ground assessments will be made to obtain data and track potential growth or decay. It will be a measurement of distance, of potential impacts and what strategies can be put in place for safety, protection and environmental maintenance. Businesses that overlook the qualifications of the practitioner might hire a party that does not have access to all of these tools. That is a scenario that can present dangers to participants in the local environment without the ability to reach high level branches or correct root structures.


Being Able to Identify and Resolve Tree Hazards

One of the core roles that a Level 5 arborist report will be able to provide is identifying and resolving tree hazards on location. In a country as rich as Australia with a great deal of natural diversity in metropolitan, suburban and rural communities, it takes a specialist eye to track where these threats could linger. The assessor will be able to determine if there is fungi, bark splitting, poor branch structure, cavities, root damage, loose branches or decaying timber present.


Offering Information and Education for Clients

So much of what a Level 5 arborist report can give to a client ventures beyond what is written on a single document during a single assessment phase. This is a discussion with a specialist who can guide a company through correct landscaping and vegetation practice. It is these tips and tricks of the trade that allows managers and employees to do their bit for the premises and for the local community. From understanding what could pose as a threat or hazard to cutting back techniques, trimming, amount of watering and when to water to planting new items and much more – this becomes an education for the brand. Having that knowledge on site becomes an asset as further reports down the line become easier to access when the environment is cared for and maintained consistently.



Engaging with a Level 5 arborist report is paramount for a business that has to factor in the health and condition of their surrounding environment. From retail shops to golf courses, gardening centres or commercial offices that are situated around native trees and vegetation, planning ahead and engaging proactive measures is fundamental to working in accordance with the law and looking after citizens in the region.